Your DevOps on AutoPilot

Step into a new era of DevOps with QuickInfra's robust automation. Simplify processes and amplify results. From deployment to scaling, everything becomes seamless. Save time, reduce errors, and focus on what matters most: driving innovation.

With QuickInfra, you no longer need to worry about

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Environmental Provisioning Delays
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Manual Infrastructure Testing
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Lack of DevOps Excellence Center
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Time-Consuming Manual Deployments
Limited Scalability & Flexibility
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Complex Multi-Cloud Configuration
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Inter-Team Dependencies
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Potential Security Threats
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Compliance & Regulation Challenges

Why Choose QuickInfra for Your DevOps?

Swift Environmental Provisioning

Pick & choose among our ready-made templates based on the number of servers, technology, and create infrastructure within minutes, not days. No more need to engage multiple teams on different tasks. Just create a template for infrastructure, application, and data.

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Automated Infrastructure Testing

Replace time-consuming manual testing with QuickInfra's automated validation. Eliminate bottlenecks in CI/CD pipelines, speeding up the entire development cycle.

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Your Comprehensive DevOps Center of Excellence

From infrastructure creation to deployment, migration, managing day-to-day cloud activities, and security, compliance, and governance – the platform takes care of it all. And the best part? You don’t need an in-depth exposure to tools and tech used for traditional DevOps.

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Seamless Deployments

Move away from slow, error-prone manual deployments. QuickInfra ensures reliable, repeatable automated deployments, freeing up time and reducing risk. Application, data updates, OS & middleware updates/patches - you name them, QI has got your back.

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Easy Scalability & Flexibility

With QuickInfra, scale up or down your cloud infrastructure effectively and with ease. Adjust to your needs and market demands whether it’s about increasing or decreasing servers, different Operating Systems, or importing and exporting of data and deploying applications. The platform ensures non-disruptive updates, so that you don’t need to worry about backups or missing out on critical data.

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Streamlined Multi-Cloud Configuration

Manage and monitor multi-cloud environments effortlessly. QuickInfra's centralized control minimizes complexity, maximizing your team's effectiveness.

Automated and Customized Backup Policies

Quickinfra backs up your entire data and servers as per your needs. The platform takes backups twice a day by default, and that can be customized by users.

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Say Goodbye to Dependencies

Improve collaboration with QuickInfra. Break down silos and align teams for a more cohesive, efficient workflow. With QuickInfra, small teams can do more in less time – all thanks to simplified end-to-end DevOps automation.

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Assured Security, Compliance, and Governance

QuickInfra adheres to the recommended industry best practices for compliance, security, and governance minimizing threats and maintaining control without compromising agility.

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