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Landing Zone Project (Create in 1 Master Cloud Account)


Infrastructure Project (Create in 2 Cloud Accounts/Regions)


Migration Project (Create in 2 Cloud Accounts/Regions)


*You can always generate Infrastructure Code & Save Project in a free plan, execution will need a Top-Up.

Monthly Charges

* Monthly Retention Charges (Standard Plan)


Additional Cloud Account (Manage Infra)


Additional User Login


Cloud Services & Support Options

Whether you're using QuickInfra for your Cloud projects or are just getting started on your Cloud Journey, you can select the Support Option that suites your business needs, response requirements, and budget.

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Cloud Requirement Gathering

Implementation & Migration

Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

Response Time

12 Hours

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Phone Support

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Landing Zone Projects

- Customized Landing Zone

- Manage Organizational Units

- Manage Cloud Accounts

- Manage Landing Zone Project

Infrastructure Projects

- Single AZ Multi-Tier Infrastructure Project

- High Availability Multi AZ Multi-Tier Infrastructure Project

- Containerized Infrastructure Project

- Auto Scaling Infrastructure Project (Virtual Machines)

- Auto Scaling Infrastructure Project (Containers)

- Application Auto Deploy Infrastructure Project

- DevOps CI/CD Pipeline Project (Virtual Machines)

- DevOps CI/CD Pipeline Project (Containers)

- Data Migration Infrastructure Project (2 Way Replication)

- Manage Infrastructure Projects

Migration Projects

- Database Migration - Servers (Oracle, MS-Sql, Postgres, MySQL)

- Database Migration - RDS (Oracle, MS-Sql, Postgres, MySQL)

- Application Migration (Linux/Windows - Java, .Net, Python, etc.)

- Manage Updates (OS, Middleware, Application & Data)

Manage Infrastructure

- Networks & Subnets

- Instances and Backups

- Database Backups

- Custom Policies

- Custom Install Scripts


- Users Logins


- Cloud Accounts (for Infrastructure creation)


Product Support

- QuickInfra Technical Support 24/7

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