Slide Cloud Migrations & DevOps Made Easier Schedule Demo Say ‘goodbye’ to complex Cloud Migrations and ‘hello’ to simplified DevOps, Infrastructure Creation, and seamless Management with “QuickInfra”. Trusted by Dev Teams, Software Companies, Startups and Scaleups alike.

✔️ Automated Infra Creation for Multiple Cloud Platforms
✔️ Deploy & Migrate Application and Data in few Clicks
✔️ One Click DevOps Infra Setup
Cloud computing cost
Upto 70% cost savings

on Cloud Projects

Save 10x time

on Infra Creation & Migration


Technical Support

Unleash Seamless Infrastructure Setup and Cloud Migration with QuickInfra

Looking to migrate your application and database to the cloud? Let QuickInfra handle the heavy-lifting while you accelerate development and cut costs for your product deployments. Unlock the full potential of cloud in 10x less time.

Customized Landing Zone

  • Build on Your Terms: With the “Build on Control Tower” (BoCT) concept, lay the foundation for a secure, compliant, and scalable environment.
  • AWS Compliant: Our approach aligns with AWS Recommended Best Practices, ensuring optimized, secure, and efficient operations.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Easily adapt and expand landing zones, making your cloud setup truly reflective of your business needs.

Infrastructure Creation

  • Jumpstart Your Journey: QuickStart Infrastructure Creation gets your projects off the ground rapidly, reducing setup times and potential errors.
  • Versatile Templates: Our extensive, customizable template library screens simplify the infrastructure setup, allowing for swift deployments tailored to your specifications.

Application & Data Migration

  • Smooth Transition: Seamlessly migrate your applications and data without the stress of potential loss or misconfiguration.
  • Intuitive Process: Utilize our ready-to-use migration template screens, designed to streamline the migration process, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Infrastructure Management

  • Comprehensive Control: From managing networks to backups, QuickInfra has got you covered. Handle everything from one unified platform.
  • Advanced Customization: Implement custom policies tailored to your organization’s unique needs and preferences. With our platform, you can also smoothly integrate and manage install scripts for added automation.
  • Safety First: With features to back up and restore crucial data, you can operate confidently, knowing your assets are well-protected.

Presenting One-Click DevOps

Transform the way you deploy. QuickInfra redefines DevOps, making it not just simpler but smarter. With just a click, businesses can wave goodbye to tedious, error-prone procedures. Experience a streamlined workflow devoid of inter-dependencies and discover a progressive approach that leaves conventional DevOps in the past

How It Works

Elevate Your Cloud Journey

Bridge Skill Gap & Boost Developers Productivity

By dynamically generating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and Ansible, QuickInfra bridges the skill gap and empowers developers. It supports multi-cloud capability, accommodates various applications and database technologies, while also significantly simplifying DevOps practices, ensuring security, compliance, and governance.

Lower Implementation Time & Cost

QuickInfra significantly reduces the time and effort spent on development and testing cycles. By automating various processes and providing a reliable infrastructure setup, businesses can expedite implementation, resulting in cost savings and quicker time-to-market.

Focus More on Business Outcomes and Let QuickInfra Do the Technical Heavy-Lifting

By entrusting QuickInfra with the technical heavy-lifting of handling multiple cloud platforms and technologies, businesses can redirect their focus towards achieving desired business outcomes. QuickInfra takes care of intricate technical tasks, allowing teams to prioritize strategic initiatives and deliver results more efficiently.

Enhance the ‘Cloud’ Edge of Your Existing Technical Team

Your existing development and IT admin teams can significantly enhance their multi-cloud capabilities using the platform. It augments their expertise, enabling them to leverage the power of the cloud effectively. With QuickInfra, your team can deliver optimized cloud solutions for improved business outcomes even with little technical knowledge.

Ready to Transform Your Cloud Migration and Management?

Security-First Approach

At Quickinfra, we ensure that security takes center stage. Our security-first approach ensures the utmost protection for your valuable data. Here's how we guarantee your peace of mind.

Tenant Isolation
Tenant Isolation
Tenant Isolation

Quickinfra deploys dedicated servers for each customer, ensuring complete isolation and eliminating any risk of data sharing

Data Localization
Data Localization
Data Localization

Depending on the user's location, the platform strategically deploys your data and applications in the closest region, ensuring faster access and compliance

Application Vulnerabilities
Application Vulnerabilities
Application Vulnerabilities

QuickInfra addresses the most common vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, session hijacking, and more identified by OWASP

Encrypted Data within Browser and DB
Encrypted Data within Browser and DB
Encrypted Data within Browser and DB

Your data remains secure at all times, thanks to end-to-end encryption at application as well as infrastructure

Secure Data Transfer
Secure, Encrypted Data Transfer & Storage
Secure, Encrypted Data Transfer & Storage

During data transfer & storage, QuickInfra employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard your information from unauthorized access or interception.


- Server Backup & Restore - Database Export Import - Database Replication: Cloud to Cloud Local/Data Centre to Cloud or vice versa

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Ready to Transform Your Cloud Migration and Management?

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