Industry Challenges

Implementation Time​

Cloud Infrastructure Creation is “Time Consuming”


Simple UI, Ready-to-use Customizable Infrastructure Template Library, reduces the time to implement by around 60%.

Cost of Implementation

“Cost” of Cloud Infrastructure Creation is Very High


Automation of various tasks and reduction in implementation time. Lowers Cost substantially.

Technical Expertise

Dependency on the “Technical Experts”


Simplicity of UI Screens hides the Complexity of Infrastructure Creation. Most of the "Technical" heavy-lifting is done by QuickInfra, behind the scenes


QuickInfra Advantages

  • Low Cost of Infrastructure Creation
  • Reduction in Implementation time by around 60%
  • Minimum technical expertise required
  • Create, Manage & Monitor Cloud Infrastructure in "Minutes"
  • Migrate to Cloud in a day
  • Infrastructure cost Optimization
  • Reduced Time-To-Market
  • Quick Return-On-Investment
  • Faster Revenue Realization
  • Maximize Profits
  • Create Customized Landing Zones
  • Create CI/CD Infrastructure on Cloud
  • Create Multi-Tier Infrastructure
  • Choose from a Library of Customizable Infrastructure Templates.

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QuickInfra Features


Customized Landing Zone Creation

Customize and Extend Landing Zones based on "Build on Control Tower" concept and AWS recommended Best Practices

  • Organizational Customizations
  • Manage Organizational Units
  • Manage Accounts

Infrastructure Creation

Quickstart Infrastructure Creation on Cloud-based on the several customizable Templates

  • Single & Multi AZ 3-Tier Infrastructure Project Template
  • DevOps CI/CD Project
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • AWS Pricing Module

Infrastructure Management

Manage Infrastructure from a single screen

  • Networks & Subnets
  • Instances and Backups
  • Database Backups
  • Custom Policies
  • Custom Install Scripts

Quick Support from Technical Experts

Our team of technical experts provide 360-degree support to help you migrate to Cloud faster

Infrastructure Creation Support

• Guidance on usages of various inbuilt templates
• Create Customized Infrastructure Templates

Managed Support

• Create Instance
• Start/Stop/Terminate Instance
• IAM User Creation & Password Reset
• User Groups and Policies
• Security Group Modification
• Elastic IP Association
• AMI & Volume Backup
• Database Backup
• Modification of Instance Type
• Network Configuration

Cloud Consulting Services

• Planning your Cloud Journey
• Workload Deployments
• Cost Optimization
• Governance & Compliance
• Security & Best Practices

Discover the Awesome Features of QuickInfra!

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