Nayil Kazi

If there is someone who knows how to keep the pipeline moving in the direction of stronger business relationships and higher conversions, it is Nayil Kazi. With an illustrious career of more than ten years in customer-facing sales and marketing positions, Mr Kazi is a business development wizard with extensive experience in India and the Middle East. He has worked with renowned IT Consulting & Services Companies. His s motto is simple, “Helping companies by making their CLOUD journey easy.” Nayil’s area of interest is in information technology sector and IT-enabled services. His strong technical know-how in tricky areas such as sealing competitive deals, formulating fresh approaches, developing new leads and overhauling existing methods go a long way in creating an energetic sales culture. He has exhaustive knowledge of several niches, including business development, market and competitive intelligence, account management, lead management and strategic planning. Mr Kazi graduated from the University of Pune with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

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